Saturday, April 16, 2011

Addition Part 2

Here is the continuation of the addition I undertook back in 2007. You can see the roof rafters going up and some of the Tyvek house wrap being put on. If you click on the picture and zoom in to where the new and old roof planes meet you will see the new is stepped down about five inches. I wanted avoid one long roof plane so by stepping it down the house looks to have a bit of dimension, that is also the reason for the jog in the front wall. In the end you will be able to tell it was an addition by that step down but who cares, that's what people do when families grow.

Well all the Tyvek is up and the roof is taking shape. You can begin to see the gable ends, one facing the front and one to the side. Again this is where the historic commission helped me with the design and giving the house some much needed character. The construction was a bit tricky with all the angles, even my carpenter friend Bill needed to stop and think it through a bit. Thanks to him for providing all the ladders and staging you see. Oh, I forgot to mention it was over 100 degrees for two days while we were framing this. Not Fun!!

The roof structure is complete and the plywood decking is going on, using the standard 1/2 inch CDX 5-ply sheets. That is my friend Bill and his wife Krystyn who are builders and who helped me through the project. One thing that took a bit of extra time was building eaves or overhangs. Bill called them flying eaves because they stick out so far. We were just matching the old part of the house which had 13 inch overhangs which definitely add an architectural detail to the house. Once these are trimmed out they look very nice. Also note that the roof pitch of the new gable end was made to match the pitch of the existing small foyer in the front of the old part. Just another small detail to make everything work together. On the front of the foyer you can see numerous colors painted on as I was trying to pick the new house color. Click on the photo for up close shots.

See the shingles on the roof in this photo? If you check out My Very First Project those are the shingles that I am about to rip off only ten years later. I installed architectural shingles on the addition however the old part had regular three tab, not a match. On went a 30 year GAF Timberline shingle in a Weathered Wood color on the whole house. Great shingle, the best in my opinion and great color. These shingles try to mimic a wood shake look and do a pretty good job.

Here you can see the new roof on the entire house. If you click on the picture you can get a close up of the texture of the shingles. They really do look good. You can also notice the new windows are in on the addition and work is progressing on the rest of the house. I have stripped all the old siding off the original house and pocketed some pretty good $$$$ for recycling the old aluminum at the scrap yard. New windows were put in on the whole house, some of the old ones are in that junk pile. In the photo below I found these rough openings hiding under the aluminum siding so at some point there were windows on either side of the door. Guess what? I put them back!! It really adds character to the front entry. I had to modify the openings but it was worth the extra effort. 

These are some shots of work being done on the old part of the house. I had quite a bit of wood rot on the rear of the house. Had to replace a large section of the sill plate and some floor joists, not too bad for 100 years old though. 

New sill plate and floor joists

New basement doors to be built

New door and window
The new windows I used throughout the project were Pella Pro-Series 400 purchased from Lowe's. Vinyl clad outside and wood inside with removable six over six grilles. I bought them unfinished on the inside although they are available with a baked on white finish from the factory. The only problem is it kind of looked like a plastic coating and not real wood as some of the detail was lost with the baked on finish. It was a lot of work to prime and put two coats of finish on 31 windows but it looks like what it is, a real wood window. These were all new construction windows not replacement, that means all new casings on the inside even in the old part of the house. The window link is below.

Below is a link to the GAF website who are the makers of the shingles I installed on the roof. GAF is the most popular brand, at least in the Northeast. I went with a 30year "Weathered Wood" shingle which goes nicely with the blue house color you will see in the next post. Stay tuned for tons of info on the cement board siding and PVC architectural trim I used to finish the outside.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I have to post some of my wife's recipes once in a while. These potatoes are super quick, easy and tasty,  even kids will eat them. For this and many other recipes check out my wife's cooking blog at the link above. Try some and let her know what you think.  

Spring Flowers

It was such a beautiful day Thursday so after taking the day off from work I picked up the kids and headed to work. This time it was to ramble though the fields of the 152 acre property that I take care of and pick some early blooming daffodils. When I got home there was not a vase to be found so I headed to the basement for some of my mom's old canning jars. I put them to good use along with an old milk jug. The kids were so excited to show mom when she got home and I was excited to bless my amazing wife with fresh cut flowers and a clean home. It's amazing how they fill the whole house with a fresh scent.

Close up of writing, hard to see but says Guida's Dairy

Blue glass canning jar